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Fusion3 F306 3D Printer Fusion3’s F306 3D Printer has been designed to provide customers with the best Value in Commercial-Grade 3D Printing. The F306 features: Unmatched Output Quality – Rock-solid printing platform – Zero backlash drive system – Precision calibration – Heated Print Bed Prevents Warp Untouchable Print Speed – Print at speeds 2-4 times faster than the competition without a loss of print quality – Massive prints finish in hours, not days. Massive Build Volume – 1.01 ft3 (306x306x306mm) (1748 cu in) – Compact design still fits on your desk Unparalleled Reliability – Engineered for maximum reliability & consistent performance – Proprietary extruder system – 10,000+ hours of reliability testing Prints Most Thermoplastics – All-metal print head can reach 300oC – Powerful multi-zone heated bed keeps high-temperature materials stable – PLA, ABS, Nylon, PC, PC-ABS, PET, HIPS, + many more Pre-Configured Software – Powerful Simplify3D processing software with printer purchase – Includes presets for common materials – Full control of printing parameters via control panel Full Specifications Print technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Print volume: 306 x 306 x 306 mm (1748 in3) Max print speed: 250 mm/s Max travel speed: 550 mm/s Positioning resolution: 21 micron (horizontal plane) Minimum feature size: 0.45 mm2 Vertical resolution: 100 – 300 micron Print head size: 0.4 mm Feature tolerances: ±0.003″ per inch Print head: E3D all-metal actively cooled Filament size: 1.75 mm Exterior size: 606 x 645 x 560 mm Weight: 30 lb Max print head temperature: 300oC (572oF) Max bed temperature: 140oC (284oF) Electrical input: 110VAC 500W Connectivity: SD card, USB cable (both included) Processing software: Simplify3D Creator (included) Software compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux Base Warranty: 6 mo materials & workmanship

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