Mini 3D Printer – Desktop 3D Printer Kit with 250g PLA Filament and TF Card for Kids Home Schools Users


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  • EASY TO OPERATE: This 3D printer comes assembled and has been calibrated at the factory. This mini 3D printer also arrives with 8.8oz / 250g sample PLA filaments and a SD card with instructions & models. All you have to do is perform a quick check to verify that the print bed is still leveled, in case it shifted during shipping, then install the filament rack and load some filaments, insert the SD card, and your printing is ready to start.
  • SMALL SIZE: The 3D printer size is 74″x74″x78″ But with 4.3″x3.5″x4.3 build area, this mini 3D printer is compact enough for any desk. As a low-maintenance 3D printer, this desktop FDM printer is your best choice to lay down successive layers of PLA to build up printed 3D models. This Ant mini 3D printer is intended for home users, schools, as well as businesses and institutions looking for a 3D printer for prototyping and production. Take this fashion printer to create your own designs
  • ONLY WORKS WITH PLA 1.75MM: The safe non-heated build plate only allows this 3d printer to work with PLA filaments, so it’s also safe when even printing something that will be in contact with food.
  • USB & FLASH DRIVE CONNECTIVITY: This 3d printer comes with a SD card and card reader, flash drive connectivity makes easy 3D printing throughout your home, office, or classroom. This 3D printer is compatible with Cura software, and software package and instructions have been included in the SD card. NOTE: Please read instructions in SD card before use.
  • WARRANTY AND SUPPORTS: We are provides detailed instructions and 2-YEAR WARRANTY for this mini 3d printer. Please no hesitate to contact us for help if you have any question about installation, setup, troubleshooting or product recommendations.
The 3D printer operation steps

1.Insert 3d filament(please refer to page 4.1 of the user manual)

2.Slicing model

a. Download models from easythreed model library(models must match the type of this 3d printer:ET4000)in TF card OR to download from internet (Note: This slicing model format is .stl format)
b. Slice the model with E3D NANO in TF card (the model will show red if its size exceed the specified size). Please refer to the instruction of 3d NANO slicing software to slice model;
c. Copy the model into TF card;

3.Insert the TF card to the 3d ptinter to print

a. Press print button gently after TF card is inserted.(the indicator light flashes in slow-speed,and will keep the slow-speed while printing). This 3D printer will automatically print the lastest model in tf card if press print button. NANO starts printing promptly after warm-up while it needs about 1 minutes to warm up and start printing when cool down.
b. while printing,press print button to pause.(indicator light will stay on while pausing) Press it again to continue.
c. Press print button for 3 seconds to stop printing.(the indicator light will go off) Long press print button for 3 seconds after stop printing,the heads of the printer will arise 1cm.(1cm up per one long press)

If there is no electricity in the process of printing,the 3d printer models can not continue printing
For more 3D printer issues, please refer to page 8.0 FAQ

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