Polar 3D 394220 Elementary School Printer Pack



3D printing package for education that pairs polar 3d’s unique educational Curriculum, Steamer, with the polar cloud and polar 3D printers. This product is a bundle. The award-winning, revolutionary design of the polar 3D desktop printer typically produces 4 times the build volume at 25 percent cost of competitors. Sleek, quiet, Wi-Fi enabled, and with an open-view that allows you to Watch your 3D print objects being created. It’s not only a radical improvement in 3D desktop printing, but also fun! in addition, the time-lapse camera will leave you mesmerized as you Watch your 3D creation come to life via the polar cloud. The free polar cloud allows any polar 3D owner to load files, print, and view the process from anywhere in the world with a web browser. And, If you really want to take it on the go, it’s so lightweight and durable you could take it to a friends house or to work. Its reliability and ease-of-use are perfect for the classroom or makerspace lab.

  • Includes elementary school license to polar 3d’s steamtrax educational Curriculum for 3D printing in the classroom
  • Includes 3 polar 3D printers
  • Includes polar cloud software
  • Includes 18 rolls of filament (1kg each)
  • Includes 3 extended warranties (one year of extended warranty Coverage for each printer)

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MPN 394220
UPC 712324538250