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REC PLA Filament is optimized for use in a wide range of 3D Printers. PLA (polylactide) is a biopolymer extracted from corn and sugar cane. Due to its smoothness, PLA is an excellent material for rapid prototyping and producing moving parts. PLA is harder than ABS filament and does not contain any harmful substances, that’s why it’s great for home use. It doesn’t require a heated table for printing. The filament comes in different vibrant colors, and two types of diameter – 1.75 and 2.85 mm. The filament spool is easily fed by the extruder head.

  • Melt flow index 5kg/200 °C – 8g/10min
  • Izod impact notching 23 °C – 11kg-cm/cm
  • Tensile strength 23°C – 232kg/cm19
  • Flexural strength 23°C – 4450 kg/cm19
  • Flexural modulus 23 °C – 2,32x10kg4/cm19

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MPN Beige 1.75 mm