Ceality 3D Ender-3 3D Printer with 5pcs 0.4mm Extruder Brass Nozzles

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Ceality 3D Ender-3 3D Printer with 5pcs 0.4mm Extruder Brass Nozzles


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  • HOW IT WORKS? After adjusting print platform and put on the Filament, simply plug in the SD card; turn on the power, find “print from SD card” and select the file you want to print. Nice and smooth! It may take some time to get the item finished and Yes, you can actually see the work in progress, it’s quite amazing to witness the process if you do have the time and patients.
  • EASY TO INSTALL, EASY TO USE – All the main pieces were already assembled and all you gotta do is tighten them in the right place. Also, all the tools needed are provided with the unit to complete the full setup. There are a few great youtube videos on setting up that you can watch as well if you need a little extra help.
  • It is a great printer for a beginner or a seasoned hobbyist, super easy to set up, and printed great right out of the box.
  • If you’re a handy person at all this will be super worth it. Have tons of fun, and great success with your prints.
  • (1) 220*220*250mm; (2) The power supply of the safety protection device can achieve the temperature of the hot bed up to 110 degrees in 5 minutes. The extra function of power off and playing can be configured to realize rapid heating and long printing.
.CNC machining Y axis installation groove, precise positioning, stable structure, achieve high precision printing.
.New adhesive printing platform sticker, instead of traditional textured paper and glue, solves the problem of sticking edge and saves printing cost.
.∠30° display screen: no need to bend over, easy to view print information.
.Oversize leveling nut: leveling is more labor-saving.
.Quick release self-adhesive platform: with a gentle snap, the model is taken down.
.Power off and play: effectively reduce model scrapping due to power off.

.Material: Metal Plate
.Molding Technology:FDM(Fused Deposition Molding)
.Maximum Speed of Travel: 180mm/s
.Input: AC 100-265V 50-60Hz
.Output: DC 24V 15A 360W
.Printing Layer Thickness: 0.1mm-0.4mm
.Nozzle Diameter:Standard 0.4mm, can be in 0.2/0.3mm
.File Format:STL/OBJ/G-Code/Amf
.Working Mode:Online or U Disk Offline
.Maximum Nozzle Temperature: 255℃
.Max Bed Temp:100℃
.Printing Material: PLA, Timber, Flexible Glue, Gradient Color, Carbon Fiber, Gold-containing Material, etc.
.Quantity of Nozzles: One
.Operation Interface: English
.Printing Speed: ≤100mm/s
.Slice Software:Cura, Repetier-Host, Simplify3D
.Operating System: WIN, XP, MAC, Linux,Vista
.XY-axis Resolution: 0.012mm
.Rated Power: 270W

Package Content:
.1 x Bottom Kit
.1 x Rack Gantry Kit
.1 x Crate
.1 x Tool Box
.1 x User Manual
.5 x Extruder Brass Nozzle


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