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Vape stand Αcropolis(black/white)


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  • easy assembly
  • All in one stand
Vape stand of for organizing your box mods,tube mods,atomizers,eliquid bottles,batteries and drip tips.It has a slot for the XTAR VC4 OR VC2 battery charger and the Coil master 521 tab V1&V2 3mm acrylic laser cut material Dimensions 40 cm x 25 cm x 5 cm height The holes are the following: 1 x 115×142 dimensions of XTAR VC4 or VC2 3 x 20 mm for batteries 18350,18500,18650 2 x 28 mm for batteries 26650 2 x 44 mm for 120ml eliquid bottles 2 x 33 mm for 60ml eliquid bottles 3 x 26 mm for 30ml eliquid bottle(long bottle) 6 x 26 mm for atomizers 8 x 9 mm for drip tips 4 x 45mm x 65 mm for box mods that can easily fit the most popular boxes of the market 4 x 26mm for tube mods 1 x 22mm for battery 1 x 12mm for Ceramic Tweezer,Elbow tweezer of Coil Master or general market tweezers 3 x 9mm for pen styled screwdrivers of Coil Master or general market pen-style screwdrivers 1 x 9mm x 16mm for stainless steel scissors or the Coil Master Vape Tweezer by Coil master or equal 1 x tray 70×70 for coils,cotton etc. 1 x tray for Coil master 521 tab V1&V2 It needs assembly,15′ average time Allen tool included The battery charger VC4 XTAR or any other equipment is not included. They are only for advertising reasons

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Vape stand Αcropolis(black/white)


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Vape stand Αcropolis(black/red)


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