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ZMorph VX Multi-Tool 3D Printer – Printing Set


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  • MUTLI-TOOL 3D PRINTER: ZMorph VX is the most versatile and the most practical multitool 3D printer that you can put on a desk. ZMorph is designed to be your workhorse, versatile object making machine and a problem solver.
  • VX PRINTING SET MODEL: This printing set version of the ZMorph comes with the 1.75 mm Plastic Extruder toolhead. Additional toolheads can be added later to take full advantage of the ZMorph’s multi-tool capabilities, such as dual material 3D printer, CNC routing and cutting, and laser engraving and cutting.
  • USER-FRIENDLY FEATURES: ZMorph VX has a simple, intuitive color LCD touchscreen interface, and its autocalibration feature makes for easy setup, without any complicated leveling procedure.
  • BUILT TO LAST: ZMorph VX features sturdy aluminum construction with high quality components, designed to withstand the high speeds of 3D printing, as well as the high torques of CNC milling (separate CNC PRO toolhead required for CNC milling)
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Filament Diameter=1.75mm, Layer resolution=50-400 microns, Mechanincal Positioning Precsion=14 microns (X and Y), 0.6microns (Z), Heated worktable temperature=Up to 120 ℃, Max extruder temperature=250℃
The ZMorph VX Multi-Tool 3D Printer is for prototyping, product development or just home fabrication. This Printing Set model includes:

-ZMorph 2.0 VX multi-tool 3D printer,
-1.75 mm Plastic Extruder toolhead with 0.3 mm nozzle
-Heated worktable for 3D printing
-Printing fan add-on
-Tools and Maintenance materials
-2 spools of PLA filament (0.5 kg each)

No other machine gives you more versatility than a ZMorph. With accuracy measured in microns, industrial grade repeatability, and surface quality that can be seen and felt, the ZMorph VX is a top-grade 3D printer. While ZMorph VX is an exceptional 3D printer, this is not the end of the story. ZMorph VX can transform into a CNC router and laser engraver (additional toolheads/worktable required-sold separately). Owning a ZMorph is like owning your own mini factory. The included Voxelizer software controls 3D printing, CNC and laser within one software, and includes features like optimizing your models with 3D filters, smart support structures, and much more.

This model does not include the toolheads and worktable for dual material 3D printing, thick paste printing, CNC and laser engraving/cutting, but these items can be purchased later to upgrade the ZMorph.

ZMorph Specs:

-Compatible materials: ABS, PLA, PET, ASA, HIPS, TPU, others
-Work Area (L x W x H): 250 x 235 x 165 mm (toolhead dependent)
-Software: Voxelizer (also compatible with Simplify3D, Cura, Slic3r)
-Connectivity: USB/LAN. Standalone printing supported via panel + internal SD card
-Heated Worktable: Super-flat, precisely machined working table with exchangeable borosilicate glass sheets with temperature up to 120 ℃
-Onboard interface: LCD color touch screen
-Mechanical Positioning Precision: 14 microns for X and Y axes, 0.6 microns for Z axis
-Layer resolution: 50 – 400 microns
-Calibration: Tensometric autocalibration
-Max Extruder temp: 250 ℃

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