About this 3D Print: Printrbot – A leader in the ReRap Movement

Printrbot – Summary

A leader in the reprap movement, Printrbot manufactures quality and affordable 3D Printers. Makers are getting a quality printer without breaking the bank for as low as $199. Only paralleled by Makerbot, their online community environment allow makers to have a seamless experience into 3D Printing. Far from the dream in a garage four years ago, Printrbot established itself as a force not to be ignored.

Product Reviews

  • Printrbot PlayPrintrbot Play is the starter kit for any maker who is just beginning. The price is $399, for assembled and unassembled. The play is an upgrade to the Printrbot Simple 1405 for $199, allowing makers to shed the wooden frame to a nice steel coated and aluminum. Makers who want to upgrade their 1405 also need to download STLs from Youmagine.com. The build size is 4 inches(L) by 4 inches(W) by 5 inches(H), it is the smallest of the Printrbot 3D Printer models.





Printrbot Simple
Printrbot Simple is a medium size 3D printer. The price ranges from $539 to $749. This model give makers an option of assembled and unassembled with an additional option of a heated bed. The build size is 6 inches(L) by 6 inches(W) by 6 inches(H), large enough to build a cell phone case for Iphones or the Samsung Galaxy S series.




Printrbot PlayPrintrbot Plus is the largest size of the company’s 3D Printers. Build Size is a whopping 10 inches (L) by 10 inches (W) by 10 inches (H), any maker can build prototypes at a significant size. This model stands out, as makers have an option to purchase a single extruder or a dual extruder model. Any maker with a dual extruder can vouch that dual extruders open windows for color varieties and material variety. Imagine making an object with a regular PLA with a Taulman Nylon PLA for additional strength. Unfortunately, makers do not have an option to purchase this model unassembled. Prices range from $1199 to $1599.



General Specs

Printrbot printers have printing speeds of 80 mm/sec, ie: a cell phone case to be created within 45-60 minute at 100 micron resolution. An Ubis hot end extruding at a width of 0.44 mm. Capable of supporting 1.75mm abs/pla filament. An infrared auto-leveling probe allows for accurate printing. There is no designated software assigned, but any maker can use Repetier Host, Slic3r, Cura, and many other Slicing programs to make 3D printing a possibility. The skin is coated steel and aluminum body, ensuring long lasting durability.

Unassembled vs Assembled?

Many makers can vouch that assembling your own printer, allows the experience to be sweeter. Purchasing assembled is a time saver, but imagine the time taken to build a 3D printer from parts, every nut & bolt, motors, gears, pulleys, and control board. This intimate knowledge turns any beginner into a novice.


Despite having a large online community that works day and night to answer minor questions to solving major problems, Makers also have video tips and instructions directly from the founder, Brook Drumm. Any company can provide technical support, just to keep their customers happy, but Printerbot’s goal is to nurture their base into a strong vibrant community.

2018 Update: Printbot closed shop and filed for bankruptcy due to low sales. Many makers in the 3D Printing community got their first 3D Printer from Printrbot. Once the leader of the RepRap Movement became a victim of Chinese over-saturation. source: A FAREWELL TO PRINTRBOT


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